Friday, October 13, 2017

Quilt Radio

I think I actually gasped when I opened an email from Pat Sloan a couple of weeks ago to see an invitation to be a guest on her quilting podcast, American Patchwork & Quilting Talk Show.

Pat is a designer, author, lecturer, and with her weekly radio show, is known as the "Voice of Quilting". Over five years ago, she started the all-quilting podcast, during which she interviews quilt personalities, historians, designers and authors from around the world. How she tagged me to join her on the show, I'm not quite sure, but it should be fun to chat a bit about our favorite topic!

Here is a handy guide on ways to listen. You can find recent past shows here, and if you are able to listen live, just click the 'Live on Air' button here. The podcast airs at 4 PM Eastern time and will be recorded and available afterwards in the show archives. Hope you can tune in!